The Advantages of a Flat Roof Extension for Your Home

If you are looking forward to expanding your homes, there are two major options you should consider; the flat roof extension and the pitched roof extension.  Choosing any of these two materials is solely dependent on the needs and requirements of the home owner since they both have their merits and demerits. King Koating is a professional flat roof repair and maintenance company offering great reliable service

One of the benefits of the roof extension is the fact that they are perfect for smaller buildings and extensions, and this includes repair shops, indoor gardens and ground floor extensions. This concept is the most ideal for these kinds of building and annexes. Besides being the most virtually realistic roof for smaller extension, it is also pleasing to behold due to the fact that its comes with a beautiful design and blends well with small sized extensions. However, this also depends on personal taste

It is important to be aware that flat roofs are always marginally pitched to prevent rainwater and rubble from lying on the roof. This is an ideal way to prolong the durability of the roof and should also apply to other roof material used to design a flat roof.


The fact that roofs can be made from a range of materials is one of the merits of flat roofs. One of the best materials available on the market is the EPDM. This material is constructed from man-made rubber and is highly durable. The invention of this rubber roofing material has solved the difficulty in roof maintenance. However, roofs are prone to damage caused by weather elements such as rain, sunlight and so on.

EPDM and uPVC are two major roofing materials with the highest durability as a result of resistance to many weather elements. EPDM for instance is crack resistant with an average durability period of fifty years. This makes the possibility of long-lasting roof a reality.

With highly durable roof materials, flat roofs tend to be very cost effective compared to the pitched roof. This is another merit of the flat roof extension. The architecture and installation and replacement of the flat roof are simpler, easier and straight forward, which makes it time efficient and cost effective. This is in contrast to the pitched roof.

To crown it all, simple installation processes, repairs and maintenance of the flat roof can be done by the home owner.

Pitched roof require the skills of a specialist due to its architectural and material complexity. This keeps it from being the number one choice for people who intend to install or manage their roof extensions themselves. They would rather prefer to settle for the less delicate flat roof because they want to be a part of their roof extension project.

The flat roof and the pitched roof may both have their merits but the durability, cost efficiency and variety of flat roof materials available makes flat roof a better option for your roof extension project. It is definitely a perfect choice for roof extension of your home.