The (Many) Benefits of a Properly Cleaned Carpet

The Eternal Question

We’ve all been there before: you can pay an expert to come and do a job properly the first time, or you can try to do it yourself and hope that you haven’t wasted your time. Sometimes you learn something new and save a little money, but often your ambition backfires and you end up putting time and effort into confusing instructions, equipment you didn’t think you’d need, and a disappointing result.

Do It Right the First Time

When it comes to professional carpet cleaning St.Cloud MN your money is well spent. There are many situations when jumping on an unexpected stain with a bit of club soda and some elbow grease is all you need, but the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) explains that there are <a href=“”>significant health issues involved with improperly cleaned carpets<a/>. This is an industry where experts have significant training and well-built, specialized equipment for the task at hand.

Molds and Respiratory Issues

The average person many not realize how many dangerous things can grow in a carpet that has not been properly cleaned regularly. One of the most common problems is the growth of mold, which is especially common in large residential buildings in cities close to bodies of water. Even though cities in northern regions of the country have cooler climates, a location on the banks of a body of water like a lake or a river make nearly any city a strong candidate for mold growth in the summer months. Molds can release air-born spores that exacerbate respiratory issues and can cause asthma or even behavioral problems. If left for long periods of time, these risks increase substantially.

Dust Mites and Fleas

No matter where you live, dust mites are unavoidable but also something that must be dealt with. Frequent cleaning keeps most mite populations under control but if carpets have not been properly cleaned regularly it is often necessary to get a certified professional to do a proper job. Like molds, dust mites can cause or exacerbate respiratory issues. In many climates it is also next to impossible to completely avoid fleas, and in households with pets the risks are quite high. Getting rid of fleas is notoriously difficult, as infestations spring up quickly and to truly get rid of them you need to kill the adults and the elusive, temperature-resistant eggs.


Children At Risk

Children are more likely to suffer negative health consequences of molds, dust mites, and other carpet-based problems because they spend more time down on the carpet, their immune systems are weaker, and they are at higher risk for the development of new health problems.

Save Time, Money, and Your Health!

There are a lot of jobs that a motivated DIY-er can do well, but if you are focused on your health and the health of your family it is a great idea to invest in professional carpet cleaning St. Cloud MN. Many household issues are best dealt with through prevention, and dealing with the potential for molds and insect infestations in household carpets is a perfect example.